At any time, you can choose from the selected services and return unspent funds to your billing account. The calculation of the amount is carried out on the date of refusal of services.

For all services, refunds are made upon application from the client to the address, taking into account the actual costs incurred by

Withdrawal of funds from the balance is made only upon application from the client to the address, to the account/wallet/card with which the payment was made.

The refund of the paid funds is carried out in full, if no more than 15 days have passed since the moment of registration. After this period, a refund is made in proportion to the period of use of the service. The minimum term for using the service is one month. Refunds are made in multiples of the monthly cost of using the service, excluding discounts and bonuses.

Refunds after application by the Customer may take up to 14 days, plus a period that depends on the payment system.

The amount of the returned funds will not include bonus accruals from our company.